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Creatures are a new feature to Patterns.

Ice Sprite[edit | edit source]


Ice Sprites spawn from Ice shapes. When they spawn from an ice panel, they destroy it. When ice sprites hide, they create an ice panel. Killing an ice sprite gives you 27 ice panels.

Found in snowy areas, they like to eat snow. If you destroy snow or attack them, they will start to throw snowballs at you

Angelope[edit | edit source]


The Angelope is a peaceful creature that spawns on moss shapes (not just panels) and runs or retreats into its shell when approached. If you attempt to break the Angelope, it will drop any moss it's eaten. If it gets stuck in a wall, it retreats into its shell. It eats moss, spinewood, and possibly other materials. After eating, they will lay dirt panels on the ground for a while. You can kill an Angleope to get shell.